Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not getting email confirmations of my orders. What could be wrong?

We send you mail from If you haven't received mail from this address before your mail program may have treated it as "junk" mail. Try looking in the "All Mail", "Junk Mail" or "Spam" folders. In the future you can avoid this happening by adding to your addressbook or list of approved senders.

Is it really free to search and register for classes on Kidz Central Station?

Yes! There is no cost to search for or research classes on Kidz Central Station (“KCS”). There also is no cost to register a child for classes on KCS other than the cost of the class, the cost of which is determined by the class provider.

Can I search for and research classes on KCS without creating an account?

Yes! You can spend as much time as you would like searching for and researching children’s classes on our site. You do not have to create an account until the time you would like to register your child for a class. Once you create an account you will be able to register your child for classes, sync the classes you registered for to your personal iCalendar, Outlook or Google calendar, access a personal calendar on our site showing a schedule of the classes you registered for and receive updates on promotions and class deals.

Can I log-in to KCS with Facebook?

Yes! We understand you may not want to remember another password so you can log-in to KCS with Facebook by simply clicking on “Login with Facebook” on our account sign-in page. We do not store your Facebook password nor do we post anything without your permission. We only access your public information on Facebook.

What type of information should I include when creating an account and can I edit my KCS account information?

To help class providers run their registration and classes smoothly we ask for basic information about your child, such as his or her name, gender and age. We also ask that you list any allergies or other pertinent information the class provider should be aware of (but please remember to also directly speak with the class provider if there is any important information they should know about your child). Then at any time you can log into your KCS account and edit any account information you have previously provided.

Are the registration fees on KCS for a class the same as the class provider’s registration fees for the same class?

The base registration fees for classes listed on KCS should never be higher than the registration fee for the same class the class provider offers if you register directly with them. It is possible that the registration fee for a class listed on KCS may be less on our site because we offer the class provider the flexibility to offer special promotions and deals. The prices of all classes listed on KCS are determined by the class provider.

Can I quickly re-register for a class for my child?

Yes! Renewals are quick and easy on KCS. After a “semester” has ended for a class you registered your child for through KCS you can simply click to re-register your child for the next “semester”. No more filling out paper registration forms or calling multiple providers with the same information semester after semester! And your calendar will be updated for the next semester with a click of a button.

Why is my registration pending?

A registration can be pending for three reasons. First, certain class providers desire to review a child’s skill level to determine the appropriate class level for a child. Typically you will be asked to answer a few simple questions about your child’s experience with the activity subject to the class and the class provider will then confirm the appropriate class for your child. Second, if the class you would like to register for is almost full, we confirm availability with the class provider to avoid overbooking. This confirmation occurs will occur no later than 48 hours after checkout. Third, payments must be processed. All payments will be processed within 48 hours of checkout unless a skill level determination is required by the class provider. Regardless of the reason for pending status, you will not be charged until the pending status has been resolved.

Why am I not receiving confirmations and other email communications from KCS?

E-mail programs and Internet Service Providers can easily mistake important messages for junk mail and automatically put them in your bulk or junk folder. To ensure the e-mails you've requested are delivered to your inbox, add our e-mail address to your address book.

If the class I want to register for is full can I be placed on a waitlist?

Yes! KCS will maintain a waitlist and contact you as soon as a spot opens up, but of course, before registering your child for the class, we will confirm that you would still like to register.

How do I cancel a class I registered for through KCS and will I receive a refund or credit?

Find the class that you would like to cancel and review the class provider’s cancellation policy. Each class provider has its own cancellation policy. All classes registered for through KCS are subject to the cancellation policy of the applicable class provider. You must contact the applicable class provider directly to request a refund or credit. KCS does not process refunds or credits.

How do I arrange a make-up class?

All classes registered for through KCS are subject to the make-up policies of the applicable class provider. If you would like to schedule a make-up class you must contact the applicable class provider directly. KCS does not schedule or arrange make-up classes.

Does KCS share the information I have included when I created my KCS account?

See our Privacy Policy for complete details. We share the information we obtain from you with class providers in order to complete your class registration. If you have chosen to receive promotional information from KCS or class providers, you may receive promotional emails or other communications from KCS or directly from class providers. If you have chosen not to receive promotional information from KCS, then KCS will not send you communications with special promotions offered by class providers.

What if I am looking for a specific class provider and don’t see them listed on KCS?

Please email us at as we would love to get them listed on our site. All information you can provide about the class provider will be helpful.

I love KCS! Is KCS on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?

Yes! Like us on Facebook , follow us on Twitter and check out KCS on Pinterest.

Are the class providers that list classes on KCS endorsed or screened by KCS?

No. KCS does not endorse or screen any class provider.

I am a class provider, how do I get my classes featured on KCS?

Click the link to “Join as a Class Provider" or email us at and tell us a little bit about your business and that you’d like to be featured on KCS.

When I enroll my child in a class on the KCS Site, why does it ask if the child I am enrolling is an "exisitng student" and who is considered an "existing student"?

KCS asks this question for its own record-keeping purposes. An "existing student" is a student who in the semester ending immediately prior to the semester for which enrollment is now being taken was a provider and such class or activity was booked directly with such class provider (and not through the Kidz Central Station website). For example, if your son was enrolled in a cooking class with a class provider for the Fall 2012 semester, but not through the Kidz Central Station website, and you are enrolling your son in a cooking class with the same class provider for the Winter 2013 through the Kidz Central Station website, then your son would be an "exisiting student".

Still have questions?

Please do not hesitate to email us at and we will be happy to help.

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