The Crafty Kids

The Crafty Kids provides craft kit party favors and craft party entertainment for any child’s party theme!

The base price includes*:
  • On-site craft project as party entertainment designed to suit the birthday guest of honor, event theme, and color scheme.
  • All materials.
  • Activity in theme.
  • Coloring pages in theme.
  • Up to 2 hour party.
  • Includes one on-site craft per child OR craft kit party favors.
  • Accommodates 12 children. Additional children are $10 per child.
  • Includes two crafters.
  • Includes set up and clean up.
  • Plates, cups, and cutlery available at no cost.
* 50% of package cost must be prepaid. Remainder is due upon delivery in cash or credit card. Note: Customized package rates are available for party entertainment over two hours or for party entertainment or party favors that involve two or more crafts.

For more information or for a tour of our studio space, please contact us at or 212-732-5182.

Additional Details

  • We are okay with alcoholic beverages being available to adults, but we do not provide or serve the beverages.
  • *The base price includes either the custom-designed craft being packaged as a kit for party favors OR the on-site craft for party entertainment.
  • Please note, we are closed December 23 - January 4 for winter break.

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Megan C.
Jan 11, 2016
The Crafty Kids

Crafty Kids is an amazing place to have a party! we just had our daughter's 4th birthday party there and it was wonderful. other parents commented on how special it was and the kids had a wonderful time. Stacey is organized and everything about the party flowed smoothly and was hassle free. She even incorporated a painting of a clown face my father drew so that we could do pin the nose on the clown and had them placed onto the gift bags as well. It was really special. the atmosphere and staff are all very warm and professional and put all the children at ease. i can't recommend Crafty Kids highly enough. they are the best place we've ever had a party.
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Reviews for The Crafty Kids

Jenny F.
Nov 27, 2014
The Crafty Kids (Provider)

We had my son's 2nd birthday party at The Crafty Kids and it was hassle free for me and tons of fun for my son and his friends. Stacey and her staff are great with kids - they really can get even pretty young ones to do the activities. I have continued to bring my son for the drop-in class as it fits our schedule which I also love as it is hard to commit to a full semester of classes. He really loves going and is always so proud of the project that he completed during the session.
robin B.
Aug 26, 2014
The Crafty Kids (Provider)

The Crafty Kids is a respite for parents seeking a safe, creative environment for their children to explore artistic activities. I discovered this resource when pressed to find last-minute care for my five-year-old. What I found was an oasis --a charming, happy, bright loft where Stacey and her team engaged my son, inspiring him to play and create -- and a place that he is eager to visit again. I cannot recommend The Crafty Kids enough.
Helen L.
Aug 25, 2014
The Crafty Kids (Provider)

I have 7 year of son, and he has been with The Crafty Kids for more than 1 year. My son really enjoys the class, and focuses on the class very much. As a mom, I am always grateful for this class since I have some kind of back up care which my son does enjoys. Also, this one could let my son away from his ipad which I like very much. Anyway, this one is definiately worth a try, especially for kids for a working mom. Thank you!
Jennifer M.
Aug 25, 2014
The Crafty Kids (Provider)

I have used The Crafty Kids for the last 4 years for my twin daughters' birthday parties… and each year (if it was possible) it gets better and better. The craft activity engages all the kids both boys and girls and the "goodie" to take home is always substantial and fantastic. At my daughter's yoga party this past year, Stacy designed a gorgeous grow your own plant kit with a beautiful clay pot of the kids to take home. The kids and moms all loved. I can't way to see what we will do this year. I highly recommend The Crafty Kids. The owner and the entire staff are truly magical.
Natasha S.
Aug 24, 2014
The Crafty Kids (Provider)

I have used The Crafty Kids for two birthday parties for my daughter and they were great! The first year, for her 5th birthday they made a really cool journal. The activity was easy enough for all the age groups we had there and it was fun and creative, also non gender exclusive, actually gender neutral which is important to me as we always have a lot of diverse kids. There were over 20 kids and even though they arrived at different times, Stacey was able to get them all involved. It worked great to take home for the kids who didn't want to do it at the party. Then last year we had a bunny theme and they did a great job again. The Crafty Kids brings everything and helps the kids with step by step instructions so you can attend to other things you need to do while hosting. They make very creative kits as goody bags. Every craft we've done with them during their craft activity time was really thought out and impressed my hard to impress daughter. I totally recommend The Crafty Kids for any party as well as their other wonderful services!
Hilda B.
Aug 24, 2014
The Crafty Kids (Provider)

Besides hosting birthday parties and after school playtime Crafty Kids “craft" is just amazing. The craft are fun and unique. My kids love this place. Im always amazed how Anastacia is able to keep the kids focused enough so that they are able to finish their projefcts and the kids “feels” that they are just playing. Everyone on the staff are friendly and I feel safe to leave them with there. Definitely worth every penny. Hilda Victor 7 and Olivia 5
Megan C.
Jan 19, 2016
The Crafty Kids Mini Camp

We had my daughter's 4th birthday party there. Stacey and her staff were organized and provided a wonderful experience for all the kids and the parents. the kids loved the craft and the face painter Stacey suggested was amazing. it was stress free and fun. i highly recommend it for any party space.
Julie C.
Aug 4, 2015
The Crafting Hour

I took my 3-year old son to The Crafty Kids for a drop-in arts & crafts class with a friend. It's a cute venue and the kids had a great time. Stacey is super friendly and accommodating, and has obviously put a lot of thought into the activities and space. What a great, affordable option for those in the neighborhood!
Karin G.
Sep 12, 2014
Crafting After School Playdates

My 7 year old daughter loves Crafty Kids and has asked several times when she is starting this year. She went last spring and was always happy with her experience, as was I. Stacy and the Crafty Kids staff were always great (and really flexible when I needed them to be). We did a birthday party there (the first one in the new space!) and it was hassle-free for me, so fun for the kids, and a great vibe--enough activities but not overprogrammed and genuinely fun.
April P.
Aug 24, 2014
The Crafty Kids Mini-Camp

Great fun for kids, I took both my kids there they loved it and that's saying a lot! Very warm friendly place, I even found myself wanting to make something. Each time they made something different, from art work to super hero capes. I would definitely recommend checking it out.


The Crafty Kids

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The Crafty Kids provides custom designed crafts for birthday party entertainment and unique party favors. After school classes and other craft events offer hands on fun for children. The Crafty Kids offers traditional crafting with a modern edge!

Pricing & Options

Base Price
incl. 12 guests
A 10% discount for parents.
Extra Kids $10.00 per guest
Maximum # of Kids 30 guests
Party Favors* included
Cake parent provides
Paper Goods included
Room Decorations parent provides
Food and beverage parent provides

Party Basics

Ages 2 to 9
Duration 60 min to 2 hrs
Party Types
Arts and Crafts
Available Themes
Any theme you want—you pick it!
Exclusive Facility Use YES
Outside Entertainment Permitted YES
Alcoholic Beverages Permitted YES
Most parties book 30 days in advance

Available Locations

Battery Park/Financial District/Tribeca

165 William Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10038

Your Venue of Choice

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