Andy and Suzanna Kids Music

A party with Andy and Suzana Kids Music includes 35-45 minutes of singing and dancing with bubbles, shakers, bells, movement activities, and hands-on guitar time! Mixing original music with kids standards and family friendly pop singalongs, we can take any song requests and cater to any theme. Andy and Suzanna have been performing together and separately for birthday parties around NYC for years and know how to adapt their performance to any situation for maximum fun and engagement. To really impress your guests, hire BOTH Andy and Suzanna for additional harmonies, percussion, and multiple instruments- a real band feel!

Additional Details

  • If you choose a party with one performer, you can hire either Andy or Suzanna. Recommended for smaller parties of less than 15 kids.
  • If you choose a party with two performers, both Andy and Suzanna will provide the musical entertainment! Recommended for large parties of 20 and up.
  • "Guest" count is children only. Adults not included in count, but are welcome to join in the fun!

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Reviews for Andy and Suzanna Kids Music

Sarah S.
Sep 27, 2015
Andy & Suzanna Kids Music

The best music class we've been to! Suzanna is wonderful with the kids and the midtown space is gorgeous.
Laura d
Jul 29, 2015
Andy & Suzanna Kids Music

This was the first class ever for my 4 month old. It was just Andy, no Suzanna, but he was very good! My son and I enjoyed it a lot. He even threw in a little taylor swift in between the kiddie songs.
Tracy S.
Jul 3, 2015
Andy & Suzanna Kids Music

What a fantastic time. THis was a trial class for us and I couldn't be happier. Both of us had a great time. The teacher is amazing making every child feel special. The other parents were a pleasure and the space was very nice. We will be going back. Just wish there were more after "working hrs" class times available. Or even weekends!
Davy H.
Mar 24, 2015
Andy & Suzanna Kids Music

Great class. All of the kids love Suzanna. She totally connects with each kid. Wide age range
Mar 6, 2015
Andy & Suzanna Kids Music

This is the best music class we've ever been to--my 3 yr old loves it and so does my 1yr old. Suzanna has also played both of their birthday parties. She's wonderful with children and the noise level never gets overwhelming. We are hooked!
Danielle K.
Mar 5, 2015
Andy & Suzanna Kids Music

Suzanna is by far the best music teacher we have ever been to (and we've pretty much tried them all.) My daughter has been going to Suzanna's class since she was a few months old and now at almost 2 yrs she still goes every week and absolutely loves it. I can't say enough about both Suzanna and Andy and how wonderful they are with the children in their classes. I cant' recommend them enough!


Andy and Suzanna Kids Music

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Graduates of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Andy and Suzanna met doing a production of Les Miserables in 2007. These two professional singers/musicians first combined their talents to form their current (adult) band, Walking for Pennies, and their love of children eventually led them to the wonderful world of kids music! Both initially cut their teeth working for numerous kids companies in the NYC area and broke off on their own in 2012 to create their own style and following! Their classes incorporate standards, original songs, and kid friendly pop music that the whole family can enjoy in an energetic and musically sophisticated class. Caters to a wide age range, from 4 months to 4 years!

Pricing & Options

Small Parties, one performer
incl. 10 guests
Large Parties, one performer
incl. 15 guests
Large Parties, two performers
incl. 25 guests
Extra Kids $10.00 per guest
Maximum # of Kids 30 guests
contact us for additional options

Party Basics

Ages 1 to 5
Duration 30  to 45 min
Party Types
Musician, Music, and Performer (Your Venue of Choice)
Exclusive Facility Use N/A
Outside Entertainment Permitted N/A
Alcoholic Beverages Permitted N/A
Most parties book 30 days in advance


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