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  • A full hour of leaning
  • Plus, 30 minutes of VR play
  • Small classes—reserve your spot

VR Architects - Design, Create and Implement a Virtual Reality World

Virtual reality is one of the fastest growing fields of technology and is changing the way that we experience the world. In this course students will have the opportunity to design, model and build their own 3D environment and bring it into a VR world.  By the end of the class students have a final project they can demo to friends and family!

Our classes combine an element of education and fun.  Each class consists of 1 hour of learning and ½ hour of VR play after.

Class Dates: 
Week 1: May 9 - Learning TinkerCad
Week 2: May 16 - Environmental design, sketching, thematic design
Week 3: May 23 - Work on 3D objects for space
Week 4: May 30 - Rapid prototyping, physical models
Week 5: June 6 - Level building in a game engine
Week 6: June 13 - Play & Test our VR worlds

Learn how to design an environment
Learn to 3-d model with TinkerCad
Learn to bring models into a game engine
Work as a team and individually to create one cohesive world in virtual reality
Testing and refining the design

Concepts Covered:
Thinking in a 3-D space, the x,y,z axis
Learn TinkerCard
Environmental design, sketching, thematic designing
Rapid prototyping, physical models
Level building in a game engine
Testing your creations

Age: 8 to 15+ years
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

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YokeyPokey Virtual Reality Club

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YokeyPokey is all about Virtual Reality, 360 degree videos, gaming, learning, technology and fun!

The ultimate birthday party is with YokeyPokey Virtual Reality Club! 

YokeyPokey brings Virtual Reality to everyone through private parties, team outings, fundraisers or corporate events in our location a block away from Barclays center or to any location of our clients choosing. We cater the experiences to our guests and their passions. 

Fighting zombies, becoming the next race car driver, traveling the world, or stepping into a painting that you created yourself are just some of the unique adventures our customers experience through 360 degree videos and VR gaming.  VR is new, fun, memorable, and makes your dreams a reality.  Kids, teens and adults welcome, reserve your date today!

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