French Summer Camp-Like Enrichment

Language Workshop for Children

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  • Kids can learn 4 different languages!
  • Convenient Upper East Side location
  • Learn with music, games, visuals & more!


LWFC summer camps blend Francois Thibaut’s enriching, time-tested method with immersion, top-notch materials, emotional reinforcement, native speaking teachers, and stimulating activities such as:

  • age-appropriate action games with humorous visual aids,
  • original vocabulary-building songs,
  • arts and crafts & hands-on projects,
  • enriched play: Professor Toto Time, costume days, celebrations,
  • music & movement in the target language and traditions,
  • baking,
  • cultural events,
  • Free LWFC Songs & More workbooks / CD set.
And if your child’s birthday falls during a week that he’s in camp, let us know. We’ll get all of the campers together to sing Happy Birthday! (Just send a cake or cupcakes, and we’ll do the rest.) Classes are for children – parents/caregiver do not attend.

After two weeks of second language immersion fun, your child begins to think in their new language!

Age: 3 to 8 years
Duration: 3 hours

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Language Workshop for Children

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What’s the secret to our internationally recognized language classes at The Language Workshop for Children?

Our unique, internationally-recognized teaching method, which is developed especially for children. They discover language through movement, touch, sight, hearing, voice and emotion to ensure that what they learn they retain for life. The Language Workshop for Children’s Director/Founder François Thibaut invented the enriched play method to teach French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and English to kids. Since 1973 his internationally-recognized LWFC has offered stimulating language lessons for babies, toddlers and elementary grades. Original music, vocabulary-building songs, language immersion, festive visual aids, action games and native-fluent language teachers are why the LWFC is the country’s leader in children’s language educational play. As Thibaut says, “Children remember the words that make them happy”.

To the untrained eye LWFC classes resemble simple playgroups. The difference is The Thibaut Technique®, a whole language approach employing both sides of the brain. The left brain governs grammar, vocabulary and meaning while the right processes emotion and voice melody. Songs reinforce grammatical patterns, visual aids symbolize vocabulary, and games carry emotion; vital factors when teaching children to speak another language.

The LWFC’s native speaker teachers are carefully trained to use our respected Thibaut Technique®. And our language-rich songs are especially written for the LWFC, recorded by native speakers, and reinforce grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in a happy way. Every session, students receive a professionally produced, durable and collectable Songs & More CD/Workbook Set (plus an LWFC Storybook for older students) to practice what they’re learning at home. Since the LWFC produces the multi-award winning Professor Toto Language Education Series you know you are getting top quality materials.

Whether it is private lessons, language immersion preschool, after-school lessons, toddler classes, baby education or summer day camp, the subtle details of the LWFC’s celebrated Thibaut Technique® and the quality of their colorful and professional take-home materials is what makes the difference.

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