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FunFit Kids

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  • Kids learn Hebrew while playing sports!
  • Refining sports skills
  • Safe, age and level appropriate

The 2Lingo FunFit Hebrew focuses on experiential methods of sports instruction while learning the basics of a new language. Children will learn skills in 8 core sports while coaches engage them in introductory language skills. Instead of children writing a new letter they will run to it or instead of drawing a line to that letter in a book they will accurately throw a ball at it. Through this program children will learn letters, common words in a variety of categories, plurals, basic language rules and phrases. The program allows for the participants to gain full development according to their skill phase in each sport and language by means of correct repetition and practice. Children practice and refine their sports skills and language through specific drills, specialized FunFit activities, game scenarios, visual aids and fun play.​

2Lingo is offered to children ages 6 years and younger. Currently we offer this program in Hebrew only.All FunFit programs are carefully designed to be safe, age and level appropriate and utilizes specialized equipment.All programs, except the Initial Phase Programs are drop-off/pick-up.

• Please make sure children are appropriately dressed for physical movement
• No drinks or food during class

Age: 3 to 5 years
Duration: 45 minutes

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FunFit Kids

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FunFit Kids is excited to announce the launch of their flagship location (a 2700 square foot gym!) on the UWS. We've provided classes at private schools around the area and look forward to sharing our programs with new families like you. 

FunFit is a fun and interactive multi-sport program for ages 1-7 and its main purpose is to help children develop physically, socially and cognitively. FunFit is structured to be age appropriate, encourages participation and focuses on progressive learning through what we call the 3 R’s; Refine, Rehearse & Repeat. We put an emphasis on the child’s individual needs and interests while engaging them in a variety of movement experiences, through play, drills and games.

We teach children the fundamentals of gross motor-function, sport skills, healthy-living, sportsmanship and teamwork. The most important benefit we offer is that children gain confidence and self-esteem. Participants are progressively challenged as the program evolves, acquiring the skills necessary to become well-rounded athletes. 

Our programs include:
  • Multi-sport 
  • 2Lingo Language Sports (Hebrew) 
  • Sporty Explorers (Alternative Preschool - 1 hr of sports, 1 hr of classroom) 
  • Open Sports (Special Needs) 
  • Camps and Clinics 
  • Specific Sports 
  • Buddy and Me 
  • Yoga Baby Massage 
  • Just the Game (Scrimmage)
Ask us about our birthday parties!

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