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  • Thoughtfully designed recreation program
  • Highest quality of care and safety
  • Must register online and in-person!

Registration fee is a one-time payment valid for one full school year

Drop in is available with prior notice (if space allows) 

The FunArtFaktory After-School Recreation Program (ASRP) is happy to serve the needs of families and parents in Astoria and LIC, NY, by providing a protected, safe and supportive environment, in which school-age children will learn skills, develop positive self-concepts and learn to get along with others throughout various recreational experiences.

This thoughtfully-designed recreation program
 will make it possible for working parents/guardians to enroll their children in a quality boutique-style after-school and be confident he/she is enjoying a well-rounded, supervised after-school program.

The program is offered to children in various elementary public and private schools in the district/area and beyond.

It is our purpose, to provide our community with the best quality recreational program for school-age children, K-5th grade, during their time out of school by offering a variety of structured, non-structured and interactive activities, as well as a great positive enrichment exposure in the field of visual arts, art and craft, performing arts, music, musical theater, creative movement, creative play, arts of science and language immersion as well as free-play, peer-play and games.

While in the program, during a dedicated quiet work time-schedule, children will always and successfully complete their homework assignments including reading, with the help of our professional staff who will always be there and available to assist and guide them.

Our program has a limited policy of 20 seats maximum at all times. This will ensure individualized and personalized attention.

Above all, providing the highest quality of care and safety to our students is our first priority. FunArtFaktory ASRP, partners with professional artists/instructors and organizations that are dedicated to providing age appropriate experiences and beneficial activities.

You must register online before August 31st, 2018 and have your in-person registration no later than September 7th in order to start on September 12th. Please call  718-274-2200 to schedule your in-person registration

*Drop in is available with prior notice (if space allows)

We believe in the power and the impact that young families and children have, in shaping the society we all live in. Positive recreational and extracurricular activities outside school  and work environment can build a stronger and happier society, generation after generation. These beliefs are what drives our passion to influence through the love for art and healthy living, and to be a vital part of this power and irreplaceable impact. OUR MISSION is to bring to our community and beyond, a place where everyone feels inspired to do better, be better and pass it along.
 -Okabaloo FunArtFaktory

Age: 5 to 12 years
Duration: 3 hours

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OKABALOO FunArtFaktory - Arts & Fun Center

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Welcome to OKABALOO!

A thoughtfully designed place of wonders, creativity and celebrations – the first and one of its kind arts and fun factory for Kids, Parents & You!
Our bright, cheerful and strategically-located space in the heart of Long Island City, Queens, New York is safe and well-equipped to accommodate your unique wishes and desires. Whether it’s music and art enrichment classes, entertainment and art performances, playing and having fun, parties and special events, or simply lounging and socializing in a tasteful and pleasant surrounding – we have it all.
A place where everyone will enjoy the high-quality atmosphere this jewel spot has to offer.
While kids are our priority, OKABALOO has plenty for EVERYONE.


At OKABALOO we offer Art & Music Classes, School Break and Summer Camps, Shows & Entertainment, Private & Public Events and of course FUNTASTIC Birthday Parties.

Art & Music Classes
Let yourself and your child’s creative spirit explore, grow and run free at OKABALOO — New York’s premier FunArtFaktory, where everyone is an artist! Whether it’s painting, drawing, crafting, playing instruments, singing or dancing, kids will enjoy creating and exhibiting their own works of art at our new and uniquely equipped studio in Long Island City. While kids are a priority at OKABALOO, we’ve got ART AND MUSIC CLASSES for EVERYONE — youngsters and adults. Our age-appropriate classes for kids focus on the basics of music or visual arts, and are intended to challenge your child’s interests as well as helping develop their imagination and creative skills.The art and music classes for teens and adults will be introductory for beginners, and focused on expanding overall artistic skills for the intermediate level. In our positive and upbeat Art and Music studios, we make it our business for our students to be guided step by step towards personal growth and to always feel nurtured and encouraged, to bring out their best. We offer essential group classes on a weekly-basis, in courses of 3-6 months, as well as private one-on-one classes aimed at further helping discover the musician or the artist in you.  

Parties & Events

At OKABALOO, we are very excited to throw the most FUNtastic & WOW parties in New York – for Kids, Parents and You! The most extraordinary BIRTHDAY PARTIES for KIDS and PRIVATE EVENTS for all occasions, holiday celebrations, and memorable social gatherings. Our studio is spacious enough and carefully designed to host an endless variety of fabulous, artsy, personalized and themed festivities. We offer countless themed base packages, to which more fun can be added from a long list of party extras for an additional fee. Feel free to reach out at anytime – all questions and wonders will be answered in a timely fashion, and your needs will be accommodated.
We believe in the power and the impact that young families and children have, in shaping the society we all live in. Positive recreational and extracurricular activities outside school and work environment can build a stronger and happier society, generation after generation. These beliefs are what drives our passion to influence through the love for art and healthy living, and to be a vital part of this power and irreplaceable impact. OUR MISSION is to bring to our community and beyond, a place where everyone feels inspired to do better, be better and pass it along.

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