Young Explorers Class for 3-6 Year Olds

Upper Manhattan Forest Kids

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Our Young Explorers Class for children 3-6 years old is a great opportunity to engage in a deeper exploration of the outdoors. We use the area around the Great Hill and the North Woods. We learn about maps, directions, and the plant and animal life in the area.

Upper Manhattan Forest Kids organizes child led, parent-child, outdoor classes in NYC for pre-school age kids in Central Park and Inwood Hill Park inspired by Danish Forest Kindergarten practices and philosophy.

A growing amount of research and study of nature kindergartens has become available over the last 30 years. It is well documented that children’s development can be enhanced greatly in nature kindergartens.

We’ll be:

  • Finding our way using maps and a compass.
  • Map drawing.
  • Discovering and naming plants.
  • Discovering and naming fish and other water life.
  • Drawing in our nature journals.

Age: 3 to 6 years
Duration: 2 hours

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Muniba A.
Nov 2, 2018
Young Explorers Class for 3-6 Year Olds

Upper Manhattan Forest Kids was an amazing class that I would recommend to every parent! The activities were easy easy to understand and follow but so engaging. The kids had so much fun leading the way, finding hidden flags, discovering our environment, listening to a storybook, and munching on delicious bread and butter! Plus, it was great to be outdoors and spend a lovely morning in Central Park. Highly recommend!!
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Upper Manhattan Forest Kids

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Our parent-child classes takes place in Central Park and Inwood Hill Park on a weekly basis. Based on Danish models and philosophy of Skovbørnehave (Forest Kindergarten).
Adventures Abound

 We promote:

• Versatile personal development
• Social skills
• Language development
• Body and movement
• Nature and natural phenomena
• Cultural expression and values

 Snack Time
Snack Time

Learning is child driven and free.

The classes begin with our welcome song as we gather at our meet-up spot. Each class session employs a theme for exploration, but the day is really led by our children. As we walk and explore together, parents and guardians watch for clues in the children’s free play as to what to encourage. Yet, interruption is always minimal.Half way through the class we gather up for snack time – of danish rye bread and butter – and story telling. During this time we might also talk about what we've discovered so far or sing some songs.


After cleaning and packing up we continue our journey in the outdoors and end the class back at our meet up spot where we gather up one more time for the goodbye song.In forest school the children learn how to take care of themselves and others, promoting compassion, collaboration and responsibility.  Class ReviewIn the week after each class you'll receive a class review where you can read about highlights from the class. These reviews have become really popular, parents share them with grandparents and parents who are not attending the class get an insight into the adventures that are being had.

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