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  • Professional Materials Included
  • French Included upon request

CCA: Early Development Art Adventures 

  • Curriculum Based on Artist such as Picasso, Matisse, Koons and more
  • Introduction to Professional Artist Materials such as plaster, clay, charcoal and mixed media
  • Exposure to Contemporary, Classic and Multi-Cultural Art 

"This class created an amazing foundation in art for my daughter. She learned skills that have helped her on numerous school projects."    -Kate

Children are introduced to famous as well as contemporary artists and multiculturalism using a wide variety of media and techniques including: Paint, clay, plaster, wood, pencil, sand, paper-mache, wire, fabric, found objects and more. The myriad of museums and galleries in NYC provide us with ample ideas from which to create, keeping our curriculum current with the art world of today. Children go on a trip to a NYC museum or gallery each semester.  French may be added to any class.

In order to instill trust and confidence, Art Adventures encourages decision-making, as well as trial and error, allowing children the freedom to explore at their own pace. Special attention is placed on designing the curriculum so that lessons serve as building blocks to the next and new process. Once they have built an “art vocabulary” from a previous class, they continue using it to make masterpieces the next! Because each group’s social development is also important, children are encouraged to practice interpersonal skills hand-in-hand with learning an art vocabulary. Sketchbooks are kept in class to reinforce topics and to record development throughout the year.  Claire's original group murals open each class for collaborative play and team trust building.

Tuesday Dates:  (9 Weeks) 

September     9/18, 9/25
October         10/2, 10/9, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30
November     11/6, 11/13 

Age: 2 to 4 years
Duration: 1 hour
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Upper East Side

All Souls Church
1157 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10075

Nov 27th 2018 - Jan 22nd 2019
Tue 3pm-4pm
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Claire's Creative Adventures

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Are you hoping to expose your child to the fascinating world of art?  Do you wish to give your child a leg up on a competitive school system?  Friends or family traveling through NYC seeking a truly memorable cultural experience you can all enjoy?  Claire's Creative Adventures offer truly unique art experiences for kids and adults!

Our Art Adventures brings art education to the classroom and museums! 
Located on the UES at All Souls Church, Art Adventures is a unique professional artist and multimedia-based art program which is educational AND engaging!  Whether building art portfolios or simply enjoying a freedom of expression in the arts, Art Adventures programs go beyond school curricula, include visiting professional artists and museum/ gallery tours, and provide ample supplies for unique hands-on learning experiences; all while actively engaging the children in the fantastic world of art from classroom arrival to departure. Our unique talent with children's needs makes this long-standing program a must!  Children develop confidence and skill by facing art challenges, exploring myriad exciting materials, advanced art vocabulary (even French) & critical thinking.  (Ages 2 and up.)

Our Museum Adventures bring art education and entertainment to museums and galleries! 
Join us for unique professional artist or theme-based museum & gallery tours.  Children and their accompanying adults are introduced to modern and contemporary artists and diverse cultures based on current exhibits from the myriad of NYC museums and galleries.  We demystify the museum and art processes by making them easy to understand and fun to learn!  CCA organizes each tour and provides all of the supplies, education and entertainment while actively engaging the children in the fantastic world of art from museum arrival to departure. Museum Adventures take place in major NYC museums and galleries, which include:           
  • 1– 1.5 Hours of specialized instruction for ages 3 -12 
  • Multiple unique take-home art projects with a wide variety of materials   
  • Museum Adventures gift bag
  • Museum etiquette and fun
  • Engaging tour artist & leader for the adventure!
Our Party Adventures are tailored to your child's interests (2 and up) with art projects to make your child’s party memorable AND educational!   
Modern, Pop, Contemporary & Multicultural Arts, Venetian Masks, Van Gogh Metal Embossing, Sesame Street, Pirates and Fairies, Under the Sea, Pollock Painting and MORE.  From small family/class parties to large-scale corporate events, Claire’s Creative Party Adventures organizes and provides all of the entertainment, supplies, and education while actively engaging the children from party arrival to departure.  Adult art parties are also available.

Our Acting Adventures are
 designed for ages 5-16 years. Wether your child is a budding or seasoned actor or simply interested in exploring and deepening their performing experience- they'll enjoy our talented acting coach, Dina Comolli, a professional New York actress who has enjoyed an active career in Commercials, Television, Film, Industrials, Theatre & Print for 20 years.  Come and join the fun!

Visit our website GALLERY for images of Claire's works and the Children's Projects.

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