10/25: Snow White/Dwarfs Dance Workshop

In Grandma's Attic

Snow White Dance Workshop
Come dance with In Grandma's Attic and enjoy reenacting the childhood favorite fairy-tale about Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs! After warm-ups and stretches, we'll dance as butterflies, horses, and children skipping in the park. Dance improvisation is a time to explore movement, connect to inner impulses, and create new pathways. During story-time we'll learn about Snow White's travels in the woods, her fondness of and kindness to the woodland animals, and the White Doves that protect her. Everyone enjoys cleaning up the house, digging in the mines, marching home from the mines, and watching over lovely Snow White! The temptation by the Stepmother may have put Snow White to sleep, but the sincere love of the Handsome Prince will awaken Snow White. The Seven Dwarfs are especially elated by the news of the happy couple's marriage, and join in the grand celebration!

Girls' dress-up features IGA's homemade Blue Dresses with Red Apple Print! (pictured)
Boys' dress-up features IGA's homemade Green Tunics and colorful Hats! (pictured)

Along with an art project all art supplies, costumes, and props are provided.

Please bring a Water Bottle.

Attire: Leggings and a Top, or dance wear of choice. Ballet slippers optional.

Scheduling Note: This Workshop is offered 10/25 in the Afternoon from 3:30-5:30pm. (Not offered in the morning and apologies for scheduling copy error in newsletter).

Workshop held on the 2nd floor of a walk-up venue.

If you must bring a stroller, only lightweight, folding strollers, please. Limited stroller storage.

Age: 3 to 6 years
Duration: 2 hours

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In Grandma's Attic

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In Grandma's Attic is a children's fantasy dance program now celebrating 22 years of dance offerings in NYC! The world of ballet comes alive for dancers age 2–17 with daily, weekend, after-school classes, and summer workshops in this alternative creative ballet program which uses dress-up, make-believe, improvisation and, of course, dance training at all ages and skill levels starting right at preschool. Using both fairytales and original stories, In Grandma’s Attic gives students the look and feel of ballet as a performance art while they explore and reenact stories through dance with the guidance of their teacher. 

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