STEAM+ (2 year program)

Manhattan Enrichment

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  • Stimulates development
  • Fast paced, fun, and interactive!
  • Students learn meaningful lessons

FasTracKids STEAM Enrichment Class is the first step to acing the NYC Gifted & Talented Entrance Exam. The class is based on the belief that most children are potentially gifted if fed the proper intellectual and creative stimulation early-on.

The FasTracKids STEAM Class is designed to stimulate the mental development of potentially gifted 3-7 year old children. It is a unique experience for children and complements preschool, home school, kindergarten and first grade programs. For 2 hours a week, this fast-paced, fun and fully interactive class captivates and entertains as it delivers truly meaningful lessons.

Age: 3 to 7 years
Duration: 2 hours

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Upper East Side

307 East 84th Street
New York City, New York 10028

Jan 4th 2019 - Jan 3rd 2021
Fri 3pm-5pm
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Manhattan Enrichment

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FasTracKids is a leader in preparing New York City children to get into the most competitive and coveted public and private schools. Our centers offer a wide array of enrichment programs including: math and reading, Gifted and Talented test prep, Handwriting Without Tears, and FasTracKids preschool, summer camp and after-school classes.

FasTracKids provides an educational advantage by encouraging children to discover a love of learning in a fun and interactive setting. Independent research has shown that children enrolled in FasTracKids improved their expressive and receptive vocabularies 100-150% faster than their peers! Our classrooms are equipped with a SmartBoard to help develop and reinforce a child’s communication, creativity and critical thinking skills.

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