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Creative Dream Parties


In addition to 5-star-rated parties, Creative Dream Entertainment offers all access open play! Our 3,000 square foot facility is open Monday–Wednesday from 10am-–12pm for two hours of non-stop, unstructured fun and playtime activities.  The children are encouraged to use their imaginations and create their own experiences. This is the perfect opportunity for kids to run, dance, laugh, and play on rainy days and during the winter months!    

**Snack and Drink are included** 
**Drop-off Available**

Age: 2 months to 6 years
Duration: 2 hours

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Mar 2, 2015
Creative Dream Parties (Provider)

Had my daughter’s ‘Cinderella' themed' 5th birthday party here last weekend and it was fantastic!! Being a paranoid mom who wants to be involved in every detail of the party so that everything is perfect makes this place IDEAL. Debbie was so warm and accommodative to everything that I just needed to tell her what I had in mind. OMG! what’s crazy is that we both connected so well to the point we found out the day before that the both of us came up with the EXACT same idea of giving miniature glass slipper door favors !!!! First time ever I actually managed to relax and get some rest the night before the party, because I knew Debbie had everything under control and I could just leave the rest to her and her team to handle. Definitely recommend this place to anyone. Thanks Debbie & your superb team….makes working moms’ lives like us so perfect :O) and for earning a one up from her dad just for choosing this place. Reena, NY

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Creative Dream Parties

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Creative Dream Entertainment is a premiere event space that caters to children from ages 1–12 yrs. old. Our exclusive 5-star, award winning, all-inclusive facility offers over 30 different birthday party themes. We are located on E. 27th Street and the FDR Drive within the beautifully landscaped, kid-friendly, secure environment of the Waterside Plaza community. We host our parties in a vibrantly designed 3,000-square-foot facility that is truly a unique and inviting environment for all. We also offer drop-in open play three days a week, where children can use their imaginations to create their own play experiences.

Our goal is to create a personalized, dream, experience for every child. We encourage imagination and thrive in creating each party to be reflective of every birthday child’s vision. At our unique, and award winning venue, the fun is non-stop from beginning to end. Creative Dream Parties gives the host peace of mind and every child a memory to last a lifetime!    

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