One-Day Experiences: Quirky and Unique Walks, Talks, and Days Out!

e.t.c. (events--tailor-made and customized)

Have a child with a specific interest in fashion design, creative writing, or museums? Whether you have one child or a group of kids, we can create a custom-day adventure to wow both kids and adults.

It’s Your World: e.t.c. it
Let us custom design a walk, workshop, or day experience tailored to your group. Try a custom-made scavenger hunt--maybe in your neighborhood? Or the zoo? Go on a museum or city tour, or let us create a workshop based on your kids’ interests. Creative writing? We’ve got it. Decorating cupcakes? Of course. All of our events are designed based on your direction and area of interest. We can design programs for a parent/child group--or just for the kids, so parents can get a break!

We offer everything from arts and crafts to workshops on fashion, drawing, theater, and more. We can craft programs that center on popular culture (Disney-inspired cooking; Frozen-inspired crafts) or a favorite book, from Harry Potter to Alice in Wonderland. Let us create a day experience in the city your group will never forget!

We have fantastic, experienced program leaders who are passionate about what they do; quirky, interesting topics; and the know-how to craft a tour or program that works for you and your interests. 

To schedule a day outing or program with us, click "Request Info" and fill out the form and an e.t.c. coordinator will contact you to plan your program!

Age: 3 to 15+ years
Duration: 9 hours

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e.t.c. (events--tailor-made and customized)

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e.t.c. (events--tailor-made and customized) offers unique, high-quality, customized workshops, tours, parties, “extras" and New York experiences, for families, adults and kids. Our birthday parties are all customized from scratch, whether you want beautiful, interactive shadow puppets, a bake-your-own-birthday-cake party, a personalized scavenger hunt, or a bash inspired by a favorite book. Grab a group of friends and let us design a series of workshops inspired by "Harry Potter" (try your hand at Herbology! redesign the book covers!) or whatever tickles your child's fancy. We also offer quirky city tours inspired by comic books, children’s books, and more, as well as museum tours based on your child's area of interest.

Email us and let us get started designing a personalized program for you. It’s your world: e.t.c. it.

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