LIttle Scientists 1

Little Peep Prep

Dirt, air, water, magnets and more! Why? Because the world is one big science project in the eyes of your child, that’s why! Your Little Scientist will get hands on experiment time in this engaging class of discovery! Bring all your senses and be ready to explore the great world of science!

Age: 18 months to 2.5 years
Duration: 45 minutes

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t S.
Sep 16, 2013
LIttle Scientists 1

The teachers at Little Peep Prep are amazing! Ruth has a true passion for exposing little ones to the world around them from a scientific perspective and all the teachers make science a fun, natural learning experience. My son has taken Little Scientists twice and his observation skills, curiosity, and ability make connections between ideas has definitely been impacted by his time in the class. It's so rare to find a quality science class at this age level and Little Peep Prep has done a magnificent job creating this one. I recommend it hands down!
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Reviews for Little Peep Prep

Erika Feehan
Oct 12, 2015
Little Peep Prep (Provider)

Hands down the best class in downtown NYC! My daughter was in Big Steps in 2014 and was initially struggling with separation. Kim was so warm and patient and with her and so calming for a first time mother. Big Steps is such a special introduction to a classroom setting and really prepared my daughter for preschool! We love Kim !!
Emily Hellstrom
Oct 19, 2015
Big Steps

There is nothing better than Kim Wurster's ear to ear grin and warm squishy hugs to make Big Steps the perfect intro to school. My daughter still talks about her first teacher as the best! Kim has the experience and wisdom that comes from years as a teacher and mom, combined with a child-like spirit which radiates throughout the classroom. Little Peep is the best!
Emily Hellstrom
Oct 19, 2015
Big Steps

There is nothing more valuable than a teacher who has seen it all, and Kim Wurster is just the kind wise soul that you dream of having for your child's first intro to school. Her ear to ear grin and warm squishy hug, was the perfect way to get my daughter hooked! Big Steps is the perfect way to gently ease into school. Harriett still talks about how much she loves her first teacher Kim!
Oct 14, 2015
Neighborhood Friends

Little Peep Prep is an amazing transition program to help prepare little ones for nursery school. My son spent a full year there and loved every minute. To this day, he calls Miss Kim his favorite teacher. Her energy and passion and love for children is evident the first time you meet her. I am lucky to now send my daughter to Little Peep Prep, and to continue receiving inspiration from this very special teacher!
Raquel Hecker
Oct 14, 2015

My son and I both LOVED this class. Kim is the best storyteller around and wonderful at encouraging your little ones explore their world. This is a gem of a class that will absolutely enrich your little one's childhood. I wish I could post the many photos of my son grinning from ear to ear in this class!
Aubrey Shipway
Oct 13, 2015
LIttle Scientists

Kim is fantastic!!! My son Malcolm attended Little Peep prep and absolutely loved it and loved Kim. I only wish I had met Kim when my daughter was a toddler. Kim is very creative, love her singing and story telling. She is the perfect mix of silly and learning and really gets what the little ones need. Kim attracts a special group of Kids and Parents - we felt lucky to have met her!
Kate Fields
Oct 11, 2015
First Steps

It's impossible to write too positively about Kim and her business, Little Peep Prep. She is the best kids entertainer I've seen (and I worked for a few before I had kids). She's bubbly, wise to the ways of little ones, and entertaining for kids and their parents alike. She's a blast, and has a beautiful singing voice to boot. And she's funny! We love Kim and her classes.
Oct 11, 2015
Big Steps

We love Kim and Little Peep Prep! My son was in the Big Steps class last year and it was the perfect fit for him when he was too young for a full-time nursery school but ready for an introduction to a classroom setting. We're looking forward to doing more classes with our younger son when he's ready!

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Little Peep Prep

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Little Peep Prep offers Early Childhood classes  dedicated to the littlest learners and their caregivers. Our various  programs range from infant support groups to gently separated toddler classes and to everything in between! Little Peep Prep's excellent staff boasts years of early childhood experience in downtown Manhattan. Little Peep Prep is here to support young families through play, guidance and information! Come try a class with us today!

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