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Vaishali Chaudhuri offers a very classic Indian style of class to children and adults... learning the basics of the foot patterns and hand positions of this classic Indian dance form. As the dancers begin to understand the rhythms, then she puts them to traditional, and/or new Indian dance music, sewing together the ancient dance forms with the new dance music styles. You must be in touch with Vaishali Chaudhuri directly to attend this class.

Age: 6 to 15+ years
Duration: 2 hours
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Lauren K.
Feb 28, 2017
Ballet for 3 -5 years old

The trial class was absolutely wonderful & my daughter thoroughly enjoyed it. The instructor was very pleasant & patient with my daughter who was very excited to be there 😊

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Forest Hills

98-11 Queens Blvd. LL1
Rego Park, NY 11374

Sep 10th 2017 - Jan 31st 2025
Sun 9:30am-11:30am
Ask Vaishali Chadhuri
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The DanceSource

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The Dancesource is a renowned Dance studio in the Rego Park/ Forest Hills, NY area. We have a strong, professional staff of dance instructors, the finest New York City has to offer. We offer Ballet, Modern, Gymnastics (Acrobatics), Tap, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Zumba, Martial Arts, Bollywood, Barata Nathyam, Georgian Dance and Yoga. We offer private lessons, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, Quincinera and Wedding dances. Rental space is available for birthday parties, and/or other instruction. Dance class is available for 2 1/2 year children through adult, dance class is available for anyone who can move, and all who wish to dance. We look forward to meeting you and/or your dancers soon!

The Arts Dance Music Camp will offer Art, Dance and Music and swimming for a 6 week summer program. The dates will be Mon July 9 through Fri August 17th, 9:00AM to 5:00PM for campers aged 8 - 16. Click here for more information.…-of-rego-park-ny/ 

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