Child'Space NYC Developmental Touch + Movement 5w-4m

Child'Space NYC

Tummy time and so much more!

This is Child’Space class for the youngest pre-crawling babies from five weeks up to four months. In this gentle, joyful class, parents learn to support their baby’s development through touch and movement. We look at visual tracking, tummy-time, vocalizing, reaching, self-soothing, help with gas pain, and much more. 

Learn answers to questions about your baby’s development and how your touch influences his or her developmental path. Find new confidence as a parent.

While most parents join Child’Space classes with no particular concerns about development, all of our classes are equally appropriate for babies with delays or special needs.

Age: 4 months and under
Duration: 45 minutes

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Child'Space NYC

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Child'Space NYC classes for babies 5 weeks + up are like a hands-on guide to understanding your baby’s development. Bond with your baby as you learn hands-on techniques to support infant development through touch, movement and song (including learning to love tummy-time!) Other benefits include: learning new movements such as rolling, crawling, sitting, standing, help with self soothing, gas pains, vocalizing, visual tracking, and more.

The emphasis is not simply on milestones: instead, the classes focus on how your touch and interaction can help your baby find more movement options, coordination, ease and balance. Classes are led by Dan Rindler and Kira Charles, Certified Feldenkrais and Child’Space Practitioners.  

We offer classes in studios and private homes throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Don't see a class in your neighborhood?  Host a class in your Manhattan or Brooklyn home or common room!  Interested in a more personalized well-baby visit, or to address developmental concerns?  Contact us to arrange a private session in our office space or your home. 

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