Free Open House for Language Workshop for Children & Two Terrific, Three Fantastic

Language Workshop for Children

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  • Native-fluent teachers
  • Language learning educational play, and
  • Our play-based preschool alternative

Our open house is a way for new families to get a feel for our Languages for Tots, Languages for Children, and Preschool Alternative Classes.

At the event, we will provide an overview of what will be covered in each one of our programs per age group. This is a way for you to get to know our teaching methods, what we cover in class, see our materials, and ask any questions you may have about the classes in person. Our director and select teachers will be on hand to speak about the class and give a short demo of one of our activities.

What makes our programs different?

  • Two Terrific & Three Fantastic are play-based preschool alternative programs that will develop the whole child—intellectually, emotionally, linguistically, and physically. We incorporate yoga, music, language instruction, arts & crafts, literacy awareness and more into each class.
  • The Language Workshop for Children’s approach remains the first and most respected method in children’s language educational play blending emotional support, smiles, warmth, language-rich melodies, child-friendly props, routines, stories, and one-on-one interaction in to each class.
  • Both Two Terrific, Three Fantastic & Language Workshop for Children teachers are native-fluent. They are selected for the skill with which they speak their language, their enthusiasm, ability to work with children, and to understand how they learn.

Age: 2 to 8 years
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

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Language Workshop for Children

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In a global society, early language study is essential.  Not only does it give kids a means to acquire multiple language skills, but helps them learn Latin root words, vital to achieving competitive SAT or ACT verbal test scores. The Language Workshop for Children’s (LWFC) pioneering Thibaut Technique® was developed by Founder/Director François Thibaut in 1973.   His method combines carefully structured curriculum and a child's innate love of play. LWFC educational play classes, camps, and preschools let parents capture the window of opportunity years when children possess their greatest capacity to absorb and retain language.  At the LWFC, a child’s mind is engaged in animated classes that systematically use original LWFC vocabulary-rich songs, immersion games, time-tested visual aids, and sentence-building LWFC Storybooks for ages 3+

The LWFC’s happy songs, stories, and activities give students a means to absorb distinct sounds and grammar, practice articulating a language, and build relevant vocabulary.  Each session kids get a new and colorful, professionally developed LWFC Songs & More Workbook/CD Set for home-practice.  Plus, ages 3+ also get a dynamically illustrated LWFC Storybook to help them think in full sentences.   LWFC materials won six major children’s educational media awards.
Blended into each class are stimulating immersion games and activities (plus arts and crafts, puzzles, story-time, baking, Professor Toto time, and more in camps and preschools).   Every LWFC teacher is a native-speaker, formally trained to use the LWFC’s unique method.  At the LWFC kids learn naturally.  First they hear, then they understand, and finally they speak.   LWFC class size is limited, so each child can be nurtured, encouraged, and feel confident.  As the LWFC passes its 40th anniversary, it remains the pioneering leader in early language acquisition, preparing tens of thousands of children for a global world.

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