G&T Test Prep Tips and All Your NYC Gifted School Options Explained Happy Hour

Bright Kids

G&T Test Prep Tips and All Your Gifted School Options Explained From K Through HS
What can you do to prepare your child for taking the qualifying test(s)? What is the best day for them to take them on? How should you rank your school choices to raise the odds of getting in? How many different tests are there? What's on them? What can I do if my child qualifies - but isn't offered a spot? Join us to find out! For parents of children ages 0-15.

Cost includes food, drink, and text prep materials.

Age: 15+ years and under
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

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Bright Kids

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Bright Kids is a full-service tutoring and publications company specializing in test preparation and subject tutoring.
We focus on a high-quality service paired with advanced technology to produce an unforgettable experience. Bright Kids personalized 1-on-1 tutoring programs typically begin with an evaluation session. This allows for materials to be custom to each child's specific abilities. Session reports also allow us to work with the tutor in continuing to tailor instruction for each session. Stop by one of our offices in Manhattan. 

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