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  • One on One with an experienced coach.
  • Dutch DIOS/ ALO educated staff!
  • Learn skills to help you excel!

Aviator Sports and Event Center now provides private Soccer lessons for at the youth and adult levels. Lessons are available for those who like to play recreational Soccer or those that are looking to improve their game. This is a wonderful opportunity to get individual attention to your specific skill needs. The professional DTS coaching staff trains the player for all aspects of the game. All workouts will be geared towards each individual’s needs. All lessons are 1 hour long.
*Contact the field house for more information and scheduling options*
**Price listed is per class unless designated otherwise** 
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Contact Email: Harvey@aviatorsports.com

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Coney Island

3159 Flatbush Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11234

Feb 2nd 2018 - Feb 2nd 2020
Mon-Fri 5:30am-12am and Sat-Sun 6am-12am
3 on 1- 5 pack (Non-Member)
$500.00 Enroll
3 on 1- 5 pack (Member)
$450.00 Enroll
2 on 1- 5 pack (Non-Member)
$425.00 Enroll
2 on 1- 5 pack (Member)
$382.50 Enroll
1 on 1- 5 pack (Non-Member)
$350.00 Enroll
1 on 1- 5 pack (Member)
$315.00 Enroll
3 on 1 (Non- Member)
$120.00 Enroll
3 on 1 (Member)
$108.00 Enroll
2 on 1 (Non-Member)
$100.00 Enroll
2 on 1 (Member)
$90.00 Enroll
1 on 1 (Non-Member)
$80.00 Enroll
1 on 1 (Member)
$10.05 * Enroll

* Prorated based on 102 of 731 sessions remaining.

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Aviator Sports and Events Center

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Located within Floyd Bennett Field, Aviator Sports and Events Center is located in four renovated aircraft hangers. We have an incredible infrastructure including:
  • 175,000 square feet of indoor space
  • Two state-of-the-art full-sized outdoor turf fields for soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey – bleacher seating
  • Outdoor events space for festivals, fairs, concerts, and community-oriented entertainment
  • Two NHL-sized ice rinks – seating for 2,000
  • 20,000 square foot multipurpose Field House, which houses:
  • 10,000 square foot hardwood floor for basketball, volleyball, indoor tennis and special activities
  • 10,000 square foot indoor turf field for soccer, football, fitness training, classes and special activities
  • 15,500 square foot Gymnastics Center
  • 5,000 square foot Sports Performance Center
  • 35-foot tall rock climbing wall
  • Arcade
  • Food court
  • Indoor and Outdoor (open seasonally) Sports Bar
  • Full catering and food service
  • Large corporate meeting and private events rooms
  • FREE parking for over 2,000 cars

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