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If you haven’t heard of it already, you will soon- Ninja Warrior has been steadily growing in popularity among both children and adults over the last few years, and has now found a home in the Aviator Gymnastics center.
Ninja Warrior is complex obstacle course that will challenge the strength, speed, and endurance of all participants. Students will have to make their way through the course as fast as they can, trying their best to overcome each individual obstacle. Complete with slanted steps, ringtoss, unstable bridges, cannonball alley, cargo net swing, rumbling dice, spider wall, TWO warped walls, and more. Aviator’s Ninja Warrior course will feature a variety of different challenges for students to overcome.
Our Ninja Warrior program will begin as an extension of our current parkour classes. Although they are two distinctly different activities, they overlap in many areas and complement each other well. While parkour places focus on creativity, exploration, and creating individual challenges, Ninja Warrior will focus on certain obstacles that students will train specifically to overcome. Both classes, however, will teach students to be as fast, strong, and efficient in their movement as possible. If you or your child love to climb, jump, swing, and balance, or to challenge yourself physically and mentally, come in and give the course your best shot!
*All classes require an Aviator Membership ($35 annually) included in the price listed*

Age: 4 to 5 years
Duration: 1 hour
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Coney Island

3159 Flatbush Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11234

Sep 8th 2018 - Jan 19th 2019
Sat 10:15am-11:15am
1 hour Classes
$259.75 * Enroll

* Prorated based on 10 of 20 sessions remaining.

Sep 9th 2018 - Jan 13th 2019
Sun 10:15am-11:15am
1 hour Classes
$246.08 * Enroll

* Prorated based on 9 of 19 sessions remaining.

Sep 18th 2018 - Jan 22nd 2019
Tue 4pm-5pm
1 hour Classes
$273.42 * Enroll

* Prorated based on 10 of 19 sessions remaining.

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Aviator Sports and Events Center

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Located within Floyd Bennett Field, Aviator Sports and Events Center is located in four renovated aircraft hangers. We have an incredible infrastructure including:
  • 175,000 square feet of indoor space
  • Two state-of-the-art full-sized outdoor turf fields for soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey – bleacher seating
  • Outdoor events space for festivals, fairs, concerts, and community-oriented entertainment
  • Two NHL-sized ice rinks – seating for 2,000
  • 20,000 square foot multipurpose Field House, which houses:
  • 10,000 square foot hardwood floor for basketball, volleyball, indoor tennis and special activities
  • 10,000 square foot indoor turf field for soccer, football, fitness training, classes and special activities
  • 15,500 square foot Gymnastics Center
  • 5,000 square foot Sports Performance Center
  • 35-foot tall rock climbing wall
  • Arcade
  • Food court
  • Indoor and Outdoor (open seasonally) Sports Bar
  • Full catering and food service
  • Large corporate meeting and private events rooms
  • FREE parking for over 2,000 cars

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