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Physique Swimming

Last Summer was a blast with Physique & NORY!  We swam, played soccer, built cities, made robots, took field trips.

Physique Swimming is excited to be partnering up with NORY for a second year in a row who brings Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to the afternoon portion of activities. 
Here are some quick things for you to know about our camp: – Morning drop off is at 8am at the Pine St School. After our morning check-in and announcements the campers are bussed for instructional swim at Seahorse Aquatics Center, 69 Columbia St in Lower East Site and Village East Swim Club, 720 East 11th Street.- The bus ride is usually about 15-20min.
– The Minnows group (ages 4 – 7) swim at Village East Swim Club and Sharks (7 & up) swim at Seahorse.
– The pool at Seahorse features 5 lanes, 25 yards, starting blocks, 3.5 feet shallow in the shallow end and 10 feet deep in the deep end. It’s perfect for beginner and advanced swimmers!
– The Village East Swim Club pool is an excellent pool for beginner 2.5 feet shallow in the shallow end and 5 feet deep in the deep end with 4 lanes.
– Campers swim daily for a 1hr and 15min of instructional swim with 15 minutes of fun.
– Campers return to Pine Street School for lunch at 12:30pm, Lunch is included in the tuition and is provided by Little Green Gourmets.
– After lunch its NORY time! Robot Building, Motion & Matter Physics, Blast Chemistry, Builder’s Engineer and sports in the afternoon.
– Our Physique famous field trips on Thursdays! (field trips are at a additional cost).
– Campers are dismissed at 4pm.  We offer extended pick up time until 6pm, $100/week.  
Campers are welcome to choose from one of the following registration options: 

Option 1: Physique Swimming and NORY STEM Full Day Camp for ages 4 – 11

Option 2: Half Day Morning Camp Swim with Physique Swim instruction only (lunch included).  
We are excited for our campers to become safe, water confident, develop strokes, learn water polo and indulge in daily aquatic fun!

NORY STEM brings out the inventor and problem solver in in our campers, develop new skills to program a robot and build circuits and structures.  We could not ask for better camp! 
Grow & Learn with Us this Summer!  We will inspire campers, contribute to their long term development, broaden their horizons and change the way they view the world.  

Age: 4 to 11 years
Duration: 8 hours

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Reviews for Physique Swimming

Mia G.
Mar 11, 2018
Beginner 2: Primary Skills

We attended the trial mommy and me class. Jose was the instructor. Jose was excellent! A great teacher. Very enthusiastic, sympathetic, caring, soft spoken, encouraging..... my son hasn’t had a lesson since December 2017 and he quickly adapted to the water and had so much fun and it’s largely due to Jose. We are signing our son up for the remaining classes and the next spring session. As I looked around the pool it wasn’t just Jose that was outstanding but the other instructors from physique swimming was too. I saw small kids swimming with confidence! I’m sure with this program my 18 month old will be swimming by his birthday in August. I highly recommend!
Sara D.
Mar 16, 2017
Advanced 1: Stroke Readiness

The staff is truly amazing, helpful and encouraging at the John Jay swim class location. We had such a positive experience for our daughter (5yrs) who has been frightened of learning how to swim, but loves the water. She won't let us go or be left alone even with floats the times we have tried (no trauma experience). Learning to swim is not an option in our family, it's a life saving skill. Her teacher, Greg, took her by the hand and she chatted his ear off feeling at ease immediately. I could tell the coaches do their jobs well just by seeing how at ease they are to be able to help a child who fears water. All the coaches were extremely friendly and welcoming, cheering my daughter on and praising her efforts. She beamed with such happiness and confidence leaving her first class. She is ready for her next lesson(s). DEFINITELY recommend.
Kelli K.
Dec 11, 2014
Me and My Shadow (30 Minute Class)

This was a great first swim class for my son (and me). The coaches were really great and I'm amazed at how much my son has learned and how much fun he has in the water. We will sign-up again for sure!
Deepa B.
Nov 24, 2014
Beginner 1: Water Exploration (40 Minute Class)

My daughter had a great experience in this class for her first time lessons. She was very timid to begin with but the playfulness and easy instructions of the coach made her very much at ease. She is now learning to swim on her own and also is able to swim underwater while holding her breath in only five classes. The only thing that was tough was that she changed coaches the first few weeks and now she has had a steady coach.

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Physique Swimming

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Physique Swimming offers a variety of class levels from Beginner to Swim Team Prep. Our program is designed for swimmers to move smoothly from one level to the next as they progress in their swimming capabilities.

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