Rockin' with Andy!

Weekly Rockin' with Andy Drop-In NYC Classes!

Rockin' with Andy is the #1 Infant/Toddler Performer in NYC. Andy rocks out to all the popular kid tunes and many adult favorites as well. Each class includes 45 minutes of singing, playing, and fun!!! Classes are for babies and toddlers 0-2 years old.

Andy Baum grew up to a soundtrack of AM radio feel-good vibes or, as Andy puts it, "the songs you heard in the back seat when your parents were driving." The Beatles. McCartney. Billy Joel. Elton John. Cat Stevens. As he got older and became an accomplished singer, pianist, guitarist and songwriter, those artists were his inspirations.

Moms'-word-of-mouth has him singing and strumming at birthday parties and playgroups all over town, and Rockin' With Andy has been a full-time gig for 7+ years. Andy believes kids can like "real" music. Even when he plays classic kids' tunes, he sings them in a way that respects kids for who they are. "Childlike doesn't mean childish," he says. "Children aren't apprentice grown-ups. They're smart. They know what good music is. Music can be so meaningful, and it's a mistake to diminish it by singing down to them. They appreciate it more when they see that I enjoy it, and that mom and dad enjoy it."

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Rachel K.
Oct 9, 2014
Rockin' with Andy! 5-Class Pack

Both of my kids enjoy Rockin with Andy. They are looking forward to the new class to start at Explore + Discover. Andy keeps it fun and entertaining for my infant and my toddler!
Rosa R.
Aug 11, 2014
Rockin' with Andy! 5-Class Pack

My daughter has been attending Rockin with Andy since she was 4 months old and has loved it since day one. She's now 15 months and loves to clap and dance along. Andy keeps the class fun and engaging and doesn't just go through the motions like some other teachers. He genuinely takes an interest in each of his students and loves to make them smile and laugh. Andy plays a mix of children's songs and classic rock. He caters to the age group of the class and loves to take requests. The kids love all of his music toys and he changes up the toys every week to keep it interesting. Just an all around great music class for any kid in the tri-state area.
Adam C.
Mar 3, 2014
Rockin with Andy! Single Drop-in (Midtown East)

Andy is outstanding we've been attending his classes for 2 kids over a span of 6 years! He's a MUST attend in the first 2 years of having a baby in NYC and he's the best entertainment for a first birthday party! he'll play songs the adults will love and have a great baby music class that'll have them rocking out!
Jennie R.
Jan 31, 2014
Rockin with Andy! FREE Music Drop-in Class- Midtown East- 2/7/14 & 2/14/14

My sons have been Rockin with Andy for almost 4 years--in classes and at birthday parties. They LOVE him, his "toys" and his songs. Adults have a great time too. This class is one if the things every NYC mommy should get to do with her kids.
lindsay D.
Jan 4, 2014
Rockin with Andy! Music Drop-in Class at Downtown Dance Factory

My almost two year old and I have so much fun at Andy's class. He does sing alongs where the children participate. My son loves when it is time to take turns playing the guitar. Andy brings lots of age appropriate toys to play with. I am looking forward to having him come to my sons birthday party. I know the adults will have fun as well!
Lauren P.
Jan 4, 2014
Rockin with Andy! Music Drop-in Class at Downtown Dance Factory

My one year old son LOVES music with Andy. He has so much fun and really enjoys the songs! Andy is terrific with the toddlers and babies.

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