Dancing Divas and Dudes

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  • Classes for all ages & skill levels
  • Locations on the UES & UWS
  • Teaches self-esteem & body awareness
If you are looking to join an inspiring and successful dance program, this is the place for you! Dancing Divas and Dudes believes that dance improves many fundamental foundations: from math (putting patterns together, counting and retaining) to giving presentations (listening to the music, smiling, remembering the steps, being aware of your peers and being in front of an audience). Students truly celebrate the art of dance at Dancing Divas and Dudes. Building on three generations of dance schools in Texas, this inspiring program shares teaching techniques and dance styles amassed during the last 90 years. Founder Julie Swift coupled her expertise in dance with her mother and grandmother’s teaching ideas to create this unique, evolving program that is taught at preschools as well as two studios on the UWS and UES. Classes for younger children combine ballet and tap, while the older students may select ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop or acro. Company members compete at Dance Competitions. Parents say that along with learning new moves and techniques, their children gain self-esteem, body awareness and a sense of accomplishment that fosters overall learning and development.

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