MusiBambino Music Program

We seek to encourage curiosity and imagination inside a child, to awaken love for music and make it part of their lives. Our program nurtures the love of arts and the invaluable social, aural and motor skills developed at an early age.

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Theresa K
Sep 3, 2015
MusiBambino Music Program (Provider)

MusiBambino is the single best program for children in all of NYC and elsewhere. I can't say enough about the program. The teachers are in-tune with the children and create an atmosphere of harmony and fun. The organized interaction with the musical instruments is hands-on instructional learning vs. watching -- so all senses are stimulate. Unfortunately we have relocated to Europe and we have not been able to find a comparable program - we participate when we visit and miss it when we are away. A well deserved five+star rating!
Lauren R.
Dec 11, 2014
MusiBambino Music Program (Provider)

Musibambino is such a great program! The teachers are all incredibly nice and so musically talented. My son (almost 2) loves the music and getting to play new instruments each class. I highly recommend this program!
Stephanie M.
Oct 31, 2014
MusiBambino Music Program (Provider)

Loved the Halloween party at musibambino! My son and his 2 friends were engaged in the music class and the party wasn't overcrowded where most usually are. The staff there is so friendly and really accommodating. Their mini instruments are so fun for the kids and they sent everyone home with a drum set which was a hit! Wish they had more room for stroller parking .
Amy N.
Sep 30, 2014
MusiBambino Music Program (Provider)

We did a trial class of the music class for 2-3 year olds through Kidz Central Station. My son is 2.3 and we were specifically looking for a class where he was actually taught about music and not just another baby dance class with egg shakers and colorful scarves. This was it! My son played along with a violin and a cello and an accordion while the teacher made real music. He loved it and has been asking to go back to music class every morning. I just signed him up for the semester!
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Kelly MacKenzie
Apr 4, 2015
Music Class for 4-12 Month Olds

The instructor and piano player are fantastic. My baby had a lot of fun!
Kelli K.
Dec 11, 2014
Music Class for 4-12 Month Olds

My young son (almost 1) and I LOVE this class. We go to UES location and it is so great--easy stroller parking (no elevators or stairs) and the room is so happy and colorful and they have tons of instruments. We had tried other music classes and Musibambino was so much better as it wasn't just a guy and guitar. The kids actually learn and get acquainted with different instruments and the teacher Sarah was awesome. My son talks about the class for hours after it is over. I definitely recommend this class--it is so much better than the other music classes I had tried.
Alpin R.
Oct 21, 2014
Music Class for 4-12mos

Really loved this MusiBambino class for my almost 6-month old. They let the babies explore instruments such as the xylophone, drum, guitar, etc. while the teacher was singing. The teacher then played an actual French horn for them and they all got a chance to touch it. It's learning with your senses at its best! And everyone who works there is very friendly. They're also flexible with scheduling and makeups which is a big plus!

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