Fruiggie Organic Arts & Crafts Studio

Fruiggie™ Ancient Organic Crafts Studio is an all natural, non-toxic and eco-creative space that offers classes and workshops for children ages 12months to 12 years old. Our classes and workshops are based on the ancient teachings of arts and crafts using materials from nature as well as recycled materials.Our studio provides a safe, worry free and educational environment where 'ALL' children are welcomed to engage in play together, including children with special needs and allergen concerns. The uniqueness of our studio is that our art supplies and materials are 100% organic, vegan, eco-friendly, all natural, non-toxic, and sustainable, and therefore non-harmful to children or the environment. Students are able to explore art utilizing tools and materials found in nature as our ancient ancestors used, such as twigs, leaves and plants. Our art supplies, such as our paints and crayons are also fruit, vegetable and plant based, which are all compostable.

Fruiggie's mission is to inspire creative play and artistic expression through nature, while understanding the connection between ancient art-creativity, environmental awareness and being health conscious.

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