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Bridge Kids of New York, LLC is a multidisciplinary team of professionals who strive to improve the quality of everyday living for the children and families we serve.  Through extensive clinical research and experience, we have identified the most effective strategies to support young learners with their varying developmental and learning needs.  We believe that meaningful progress is best accomplished through a multidisciplinary approach based on behaviorally-sound principles.  Bridge Kids of New York, LLC provides each family with progressive services that merge evidence-based practices with play-based and social instruction.Our founding team consists of a Licensed Psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Certified General and Special Educator, and Speech-Language Pathologist.  Together, we provide a comprehensive perspective on learning and development.  Bridge Kids of New York, LLC offers a variety of services, such as supporting parent knowledge and advocacy, offering professional training and supervision, and supportive services for children.

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anna J.
Aug 4, 2014
Bridge Kids of New York (Provider)

Our family is a huge fan of bridge kids! Their entire team is amazing - a great balance between technical expertise and experience with compassionate support. Our child has made tremendous progress since he started with BKNY. With their guidance, he continues to hit and master many developmental milestones but even more wonderful, he has gained more self-confidence. BKNY has made a significant impact on the quality of our son's life, on our family's life. Thank you!!!
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