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Well-structured play spawns lifelong thinking skills, so that’s why Kids MusicRound stresses fundamentals in music competency.  KMR’s approach follows whole brain learning.  They start with melodies that are lively, lyrics that are smart, and a syllabus that is firmly grounded in established theories of music education.  Then by centering on the nuts and bolts of music -- singing in tune, learning to hear rhythm, keeping a beat, dancing, swaying, fingering instruments, and imitating voices – students build synaptic connections, motor coordination, abstract reasoning skills, and social skills too.   Kids MusicRound is also a great way for parents to get to know their youngster.  Did you know that every child learns differently?  Do you have a dynamic, kinesthetic child?  Does your son prefer observing and absorbing in his own quiet way?  Is your daughter a verbal, demonstrative learner?     Kids Music Round is a first class way to capitalize upon a youngster’s early potential and introduce the joys of music.  Schedule a free demo class and launch a lifetime of skill and enrichment.  

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Lauren P.
Jan 25, 2015
Kids Music Round at Small World Connect (Provider)

Fun class and kids are always happy after its over!
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Sep 28, 2015
Music and Movement Class

Location at 888 Lexington avenue is on 2nd floor without an elevator, and no where on 1st floor to leave them. The class itself was great fun!!
Nicole P.
Nov 13, 2014
Kids MusicRound 5 Wks - NYC East/West Sides

Loved how they gave kids a real feel for the instruments vibration, sound, and all! Real hands on awesome class for infants and toddlers! Signing up pronto!

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