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Chocolate Works Upper East Side is a chocolate factory, party destination, and candy store all in one scrumptious place! Kids and grown-ups alike will love visiting Chocolate Works Upper East Side where they can watch chocolate being made on our 20-foot conveyor belt and sample hundreds of assorted candies, original handmade chocolates, and signature truffles. Children especially enjoy creating and decorating their own chocolate molds in any shape they choose as well as dipping marshmallows in our chocolate fountain. We host exceptional parties for children and adults in our private party room as well as weekly open decorating sessions and theme-based workshops. 

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Apr 1, 2015
Chocolate Works Upper East Side (Provider)

What a great party! We had our daughter's fifth birthday party here. We had 25 children and they each had a fantastic time. The staff was amazing and provided structure and clear directions to go through all of the activities. We did the full works party with the chocolate fountain, which the children loved. The store is spotless, the chocolate delicious and the party ran so smoothly. My daughter was so happy to have celebrated her birthday at Chocolate Works!
Mar 31, 2015
Chocolate Works Upper East Side (Provider)

My daughter had a very special and memorable birthday at Chocolate Works. Anastasia is a great host moving the girls through activities seemlessly yet at all times engaged. Also, the facilities were impeccable (hope they can maintain facilities so clean and uplifting because it's a major plus) and they closed the doors to the party room to ensure the kids are together, engaged and safe. Moreover, they coordinated everything for us including outside food for grown ups and extra treats from the conveyor belt for parents. Worth every penny!
Mar 31, 2015
Chocolate Works Upper East Side (Provider)

This was such a great birthday party for my son. The facility is so clean and the birthday parties are very well run. The kids said it was the best birthday party they have ever been to - such a cute idea. The adults also had a great time. The chocolate fountain was worth it and all the adults were raving over what a hit it was. We even got to make our own chocolates on the conveyor belt too (just like the kids). The chocolate is so good - such a priceless little party for my son. Would love to have it there again.
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