Pierce Country Day Camp

Pierce Country Day Camp is the best place under the sun for extraordinary summers! At Pierce we LOVE camp and LIVE camp in everything we do. Established in 1918, Pierce remains America’s first and finest summer day camp.  Four generations of our family have remained 100% committed to creating a magical place where children thrive. Our mission statement is short and sweet, rock solid and unwavering: CHILDREN FIRST! At Pierce,we will take care of your children as if they were our own. The experiences we provide Pierce campers create friendships, skills and lifelong memories.

Pierce Country Day Camp—A Place Where Spirit Soars and Laughter Roars

Pierce is a place that smiles; a place where spirit soars and laughter roars. Pierce is an environment completely dedicated to the enrichment of children. Campers’ self-confidence and spirit swell in our dynamic program which emphasizes personal growth, friendship and FUN!Pierce’s innovative curriculum, interactive staff and magnificent facility ensure incredible summers!

Obsessed To Be The Best!

At Pierce, our obsession to be the best comes through in everything we do! Our modern, impeccably maintained facilities, endless offerings and spirited staff are second to none. We work tirelessly year-round creating the best day camp experience on earth. We pour incredible energy and commitment into every aspect of our camp to provide unrivaled quality at every turn. You see, camp isn’t just a job to us, it’s a way of life. And it’s been our passion, pledge and purpose since 1918. 

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