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  • Kids learn 21st-Century Skills
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  • Offers hands-on learning
The Pixel Academy offers a unique learning experience for kids and teens, ages 4-16. Our project-based approach encourages exploration and creativity with cutting-edge technologies that most students don’t get at school. So Pixel Academy members will be a step ahead of their peers in a future driven by tech innovation.

We teach kids and teens to interact creatively with digital technology. Our curriculum is inspired by project-based learning and inquiry-based instruction strategies. We’ve worked to create a safe space where kids can feel free to be themselves and encourage their imaginations to inspire endless creativity. Although the Pixel Academy doesn’t feel anything like school, members are constantly learning and reinforcing fundamental academy skills.

Experience the Pixel Academy after school, during our full-day and week-long camps, or as workshop series at schools, libraries, and museums. We also host birthday parties and offer unique experiences for special events. 

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