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  • Classes taught by certified art teacher
  • Kids work in a range of media
  • Exposure to many styles and artists
Classes led by Ms. Jennifer, a certified art teacher with a Masters of Art in Teaching Degree.  She is accompanied by assistant teacher, Ms. Brooke.Brooke and Jennifer met in 2015 where they taught at an alternative pre-school together.  Jennifer was the art teacher for the school, and Brooke was her assistant.  After they discovered how much they enjoyed working together, Brooke approached Jennifer with the idea of starting their own art classes.  Little did Brooke know, Jennifer had been wanting to do the same thing.  After much talking, planning, dreaming, and plotting, Kids Paint NYC was born.
Jennifer has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember.  Jennifer moved to Manhattan at the age of 18 to attend School of Visual Arts to follow her dream of becoming an artist.  She graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree as a Fine Arts major and a year later, completed her Masters in Art in Teaching.  Jennifer has always believed in the importance of art education, because if it wasn't for her amazing art teacher she had throughout high school, she might not have taken the path she did.  Jennifer has had numerous gallery shows throughout the city, including a recent solo exhibition.  Her work has been published in several books and featured in a music video.  While making her dreams of being an artist come true, Jennifer began teaching because she wanted to give back to kids what had been given to her through art education. Jennifer taught art to elementary students and high school students for three years. When Brooke and Jennifer talked about their dreams of having their own successful business, they decided to finally take action and make their dream a reality.

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