Mozart for Munchkins

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  • Fun family concerts
  • Munchkins under 12 are free
  • From Bach to the Beatles
Mozart for Munchkins creates a relaxed, fun atmosphere in which families can experience and enjoy music! Children of all ages are welcome to roll, crawl, squeal, and dance to their hearts’ content, while parents, grandparents, and caregivers can sit back and unwind. While the setting is informal, the programming remains first rate; from Bach to Bernstein, Beethoven to Barber, Mozart for Munchkins features outstanding works performed by exceptional musicians—an unforgettable experience for the whole family! 

Sara Leila Sherman was first drawn to the piano at age four, picking out melodies she’d overheard in a sister’s lessons. Hilary Castle set a bow to the strings of a violin at five, marveling that she could conjure such massive sounds from something so small. Since those early days, both have lived and breathed classical music, training under master teachers, performing across the United States and Europe, and eventually establishing thriving teaching studios in New York City, where both now make their homes.

When these two classically trained musicians became moms, they were determined that their own babies should experience the musical richness that they have loved all their lives. Now they want to share that love of music with other families!

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