Yogi Tales

Yogi Tales is a 30-minute live music yoga experience for preschool-aged children that enhances physical flexibility, refines balance and coordination, and boosts self-esteem and confidence through an exciting interactive storytelling format. Grant Henry, an NYU Digital Media Design for Learning (M.A.) graduate and certified yoga teacher, will lead the children into a world of amazing adventures using a wide range of yoga poses and breathing techniques to help navigate through these incredible stories.What makes Yogi Tales even more thrilling is the accompaniment of Evan Nachimson, a Berklee College of Music Songwriting graduate and kids musician, who combines his guitar and other instruments with original songs and scores to help fully create this immersive yogic experience for young children.  The benefits of yoga for young children are undeniable and these two teachers have found a way to not only teach these fundamental principles, but thoroughly entertain everyone in the process.  

Grab your yoga mat and join the next adventure with Yogi Tales.

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